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OSM & GIS Training for Geography students

From 22 to 23 December, workshops were held in OpenStreetMap and Geographic Information System for students of Geography at the University of Bamako, in Jokkolabs at the High School of Trade and Technology, ESCT.

These workshops focused on the introduction to the OpenStreetMap techniques and the use of OSM data on geographic information processing software.
This workshops began at 9 o’clock on 22 December with the presentation of participants composed of students and professionals working in the Geographic Information Systems.
Sessions of the morning focused on the generic introduction of the OpenStreetMap project, the presentation and demonstration of data collection mobile applications.

The afternoon sessions, was focused on the implementation of the JOSM software and editing of the data collected in the field and also, on the mapping coordination tool,

Around 5 pm, this very rich first day with ended with excited participants.
The second day began with the recapitulation of the previous sessions, followed by the study of tools for exporting osm data, including and /.

Participants were taken to extract data on Bamako city and to use them on

And on Qgis. At the end of this last session on this free software of geographical information Systems, participants produced very beautiful Maps, as you will see on these pictures

The workshops ended at 5 pm and participants expressed their thanks, appreciation and satisfaction to the facilitators and also promise to become regular contributors and use the osm data to solve populations needs.

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Introduction to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Voting Membership

I’m Astou Nathalie SIDIBE, a social Activist committed in Communities developement and lots other  volunteer and humanitarian activities for a long time, in Mali.

I got involved in OpenstreetMap Project in December 2014 after two weeks of workshops with the ProjetEOF, in Bamako, Mali.

So, since January 2015, i’ve been planning and organizing mapping parties, data collections, trainings, Mapping Camps in three bigs cities in Mali, Bamako, Kayes, Segou, in close collaboration with  Local Public and Private Universities, High Schools, Techhubs and also with lots of National and international Organisations AMEDD , BTC, Terre des Hommes, and the UN OCHA.

I also got in touch with lots of Government administrations thanks to the Projet CartInnov that  i’ve been leading since September 2016, in Mali.

With other members of the Openstteetmap Mali community, i’ve just planned a six month activities calendar, which will permit us to do great job the next coming months.

In addition to Trainings and mapping activities, i’m about to plan some collective and personal projects s on OSM Data uses.

Being member of  the Global OpenStretMap Community  is an opportunity for me  and my young community to  have a voice within this big family and help to go forward by making lots of positive change.

Please, read these  reports below on two of my activities.


Here’s the website of my active OSM  community !  openstreetmapmali.prg  

This can help you understand the amazing work i’ve been doing  since January 2015 with other young volunteers, facing lots of challenges.

Find my OSM User account  

and also my twiter handle