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Openstreetmap & QGIS Training for geology students in Bamako




Nineteen students of Geology participated in six days of Openstreetmap and QGIS training at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology  conducted by Openstreetmap Mali members, from  November 13th to 20th 2017

          It was the first time those students discovered Openstreetmap and the amazing software and tools freely available to them to product open geodata , extract and reuse them for any purpose. As future geology professionals, they were quick to understand the potential for empowerment – we can’t wait to see how they will take advantage of them in the field.


First, they learnt to use OSMTracker to collect data in the field and OsmAnd to use it on the move.










Then  they plunged into JOSM for more powerful data production and quality assurance. Happy to see their newly contributed data appear on the map , they then proceeded to extract them with the Overpass API,bbbike and HotExport Tools.







They then turned to reuse Openstreetmap data to create webmaps with umap and QGIS… Those six days have turned into true believers , ready to promote these tools. !








students are grateful to have been offered theopportunity to participate in this rich training thanks to theMicrogrant and they thank the Humanitarian   Openstreetmap Team for its partnership with  Openstreetmap Mali !

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OSM & GIS Training for Geography students

From 22 to 23 December, workshops were held in OpenStreetMap and Geographic Information System for students of Geography at the University of Bamako, in Jokkolabs at the High School of Trade and Technology, ESCT.

These workshops focused on the introduction to the OpenStreetMap techniques and the use of OSM data on geographic information processing software.
This workshops began at 9 o’clock on 22 December with the presentation of participants composed of students and professionals working in the Geographic Information Systems.
Sessions of the morning focused on the generic introduction of the OpenStreetMap project, the presentation and demonstration of data collection mobile applications.

The afternoon sessions, was focused on the implementation of the JOSM software and editing of the data collected in the field and also, on the mapping coordination tool,

Around 5 pm, this very rich first day with ended with excited participants.
The second day began with the recapitulation of the previous sessions, followed by the study of tools for exporting osm data, including http://export.hotosm.org/ and http://overpass-nnturbo.eu /.

Participants were taken to extract data on Bamako city and to use them on https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/

And on Qgis. At the end of this last session on this free software of geographical information Systems, participants produced very beautiful Maps, as you will see on these pictures

The workshops ended at 5 pm and participants expressed their thanks, appreciation and satisfaction to the facilitators and also promise to become regular contributors and use the osm data to solve populations needs.

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